Ezekiel Mutua’s reaction after netizens launch campaign against Citizen’s 10 over 10

This comes days after Mutua asked Kenyans to boycott Citizen TV

Willis Ruburu with Ezekiel Mutua. Ezekiel Mutua’s reaction after netizens launched campaign against Citizen’s 10over10

On Wednesday, a section of Kenyans On Twitter launched a campaign against Citizen TV’s 10 over 10 with claims that the show is very immoral and filthy.

The campaign under the tag #End10over10, prompted Kenya Film Classification Board CEO to react stating that he is happy, Kenyans are also tired with the kind of content the show puts out there.

“I am very happy to see the campaign against 10/10 - the obscene crap run by @WillisRaburu on @citizentvkenya. Sometimes I wonder whether the owners of the station care about morality. Would they let their kids watch the discotheque on TV. Shame on the management & owners too!” tweeted Ezekiel Mutua.

The tweet from the "Moral Policeman" ignited mixed reactions with a section stating that the show is under the watershed period and therefore it should be given the freedom to run things their own way.

Reactions from KOT

Kerr Owino said “So you're using vulgar slang to champion decency? Enyewe Kenya is for jokers. Is this the kind of language fit for a moral police brigade man?”

Ignatious Tisi “The show is past 10pm and kids apparently are asleep. Kama wako wanakuanga hawajalala at that time then your parenting skills and those against 10/10 should get to school”

Emmanuel Marete “What a nice way to hide from the problem. The shows are still available on social media archives. And Parenting skills shd be about enlightening kids, not postponing things they will still encounter later”

Ouma Ogutu “There's no 'creativity' in unethically immoral content. Get serious, Sir”

Helyne Smith “Bt its rated pg and its not a must u watch , we have lots of other stations for Gods sake#10over10

Sonutai “Attacking every platform youths got in the name of morality and ethos won't make you famous or popular. Shut them down and show youths another way out. We are done with y'all so self-centered”

Framcis Nyamannye” People supporting #End10over10 are hypocrites shame on you. In fact, we should have more of #10over10 10over10 is meant for 18+...willing viewer, if you don't want kaa na mama yako”

Boycott Citizen TV

This comes days after Mutua asked Kenyans to boycott Citizen TV, especially 10 over 10 hosted by Willis Raburu.

He urged people to boycott the TV station after endless complaints that 10 over 10 was promoting immorality among young people, due to explicit dances by skimpily-dressed ladies who grace the show every other week.

“Do not abrogate your role as a parent or citizen to others. Do your part. Deny Citizen TV audience, particularly the Willis Raburu crap and it will go off air. “True, 10/10 is the height of immorality. It's scatological filth and exemplifies the breakdown of our moral fabric. The host Willis Raburu has corrupted the airwaves with the "Wabebeee" nonsense that appears to admit underage children, although he says that all those who attend have IDs,” demanded Dr Mutua.


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