Hii ni dolly ama mtu? - fan asks Chipukeezy after he posted girlfriend's photo

Huyu ni binadamu wa kawaida kweli?

Hii ni dolly ama mtu? - fan asks Chipukeezy after he posted girlfriend's photo

Popular Comedian Vincent Mwasia popularly known as Chipukeezy posted a picture of his girlfriend Kibanja, and a section of his 1.1 million followers went ahead to accuse her of using too much make up and filters to a point that she resembled a doll.

Their relationship seems to be going on well despite break up rumors after Kibanja unfollowed the comedian and deleted all his photos on her instagram page.

Chipukeezy’s Instagram page still has her photos and videos even after her move. The two did not address the matter publicly.

Cheating allegations

In February 2019, Kibanja became the topic of discussion in a popular Facebook gossip group called ‘Chitchat for Nairobi Mums’.

Various claims were made by members of the group with some saying that she was from a well-off family and so she bankrolled ‘broke’ Chipukeezy. Others said that she also cheated on Chipukeezy with actor and singer Pascal Tokodi.

In a Q and A session with her followers on Instagram, the question came up but she rubbished it as bullsh*t.

In another post, she cautioned her fans not to ask her questions in regards to her relationship as she was not going to talk about her personal life with everyone.

The two (Chipukeezy and Kibanja) have always maintained a low-profile when it comes to their relationship.

They went public with their relationship on Boxing Day following months of speculations. This was done in the form of a video that Chipukeezy shared of him holding Kibanja close while she seemingly whispered sweet nothings into his ear.

Here are some of the comments

rilver_ridge hii ni dolly ana mtu?

alpha_elgringo Buda uliza eric omondi vile hi ngozi ina sumbua

q.ueencarol Too much filter and the way she is cute

dbomett hii sabuni haikosi inaosha dhambi😂 you are two washes away from being transparent 😂

lachu_brian_ Kwa ground 😂

nancy_shiro When u see this skin guys ...run away

edwinndongoi She's a heart breaker

85neelam Hio ndo kutoa tint 😝😝

nassr9387 Huyu ni binadamu wa kawaida kweli?

joshmahatma Ametumia baby lotion ama, chanua raiaa boss

onesschemos Hot thou ikinyesha atabaki hivi kweli 😂

norahwandia Filters,.. Weka original

kedysesh naona umenunua Samantha bro

kenyan_kreel Too much filter😂😍


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