Diamond Platnumz on the spot again over his new song Jeje

From Joro joro to jeje jeje

Diamond Platnumz wins prestigious Award in London

Days after Celebrated Tanzanian Singer Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna were accused of copy pasting the video concept of the song Gere, Chibu is on the spotlight for stealing Wizkid's 'Joro' concept in his new song 'Jeje'.

Most of the fans took to YouTube to state that Jeje sounded like Wizkid’s song Joro and the well video concept was also similar to it. Netizens were quick to note that Jeje's introduction sounded like Burna Boy’s.

After a debate fans concluded that the song was a result of sampling Wizkid's Joro and Burna Boy’s On the low.

Some insinuated that the similarities might have been the result of having the same Producer, Producer Kelp Vibez who produced 'on the low' for Burna Boy as well as Ye.

Netizens argued that Diamond was trying to sound like the Nigerian artistes and that he had lost his authenticity. They even teased Jeje of being on the low Bongo Version.

Others even joked that the WCB Boss would start dating the dancer and have a baby named Jeje Dangote.

Here are some of the comments;

Gasheri Fidel Can’t help but hear joro joro playing in my head 🤣🤣😕

chrispine ogode Both his two new tracks sounds like WizKid I think wcb is targeting the star boy market witch is good for getting the USA market....

zholly asha Why do I have a feeling that this sounds like joroo by wizkid 😂

ofra Beatz On the low. Fever. And joro concepts are in the track. The video concepts too.

Ahmed Salim Uyu Dame diamond atamfanya bibi very soon watch the space. Simba awawekii . Mtoto utaskia anaitwa zeje dangote

David Owen Who else notice that he’s singing like Nigerian musicians

alex B. Kelp Vibes is the real OG, he produced Burna's Ye and Wizkid's Joro

Kevin Wafula wizkid: joro joro joro... diamond: jeje jeje

kasheri florah Joro WizKid has now become jeje😂😂😂😂😂aii machos ...🚮

Stella Ngugi I must say Diamond was my favorite African artist but I'm disappointed in this one. The beat and choreography are copied and not original. The beat is Joro by Wizkid and the choreo and outfits copied from a routine Kellz Mbowe did about a month ago. Give her credit!!!! Not cool at all.

Nicky Mustafa Burna Boy - On the low Bongo version

kwevo kevo Diamond creativity is fading away......anacopy Nigerian music sana....

Anthony Agbor This is pure Joro from starboy. Even the idea of the music video is damn similar! Wizkid should file for plagiarism immediately!!

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