On Friday, former NTV news anchor Doreen Majala shared a throwback picture of when she was still a law student in university and fans can’t have enough of it.

In the photo seen by Pulse Live, Ms. Majala is in the company of her then classmates at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

She went on to caption the photo saying, “Back in Law School 7yrs ago at The Catholic University of Eastern Africa - CUEA. We had just finished a class on (Land Law I). This was the basking spot.”


Fans react to this #Tbt photo of news anchor Doreen Majala
Fans react to this #Tbt photo of news anchor Doreen Majala

Several of her friends, former classmates and fans went ahead to comment on the post, some reminiscing the old good days when they used to hangout after classes.

Others wondered how young she might be, given that her throwback post was for seven years ago, and a section commended her for the far she has come.

Miss University

Her post comes a few days after Doreen Majala disclosed to her fans that she was once Miss Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), a part of her life that very few people were aware of until recently.

Fans react to this #Tbt photo of news anchor Doreen Majala
Fans react to this #Tbt photo of news anchor Doreen Majala

Here some reactions from the #Tbt photo;

Otuoma Paul Otuoma Enyewe pesa ni Sabine ya Roho

Galistus Marshall Innocent galthen

Faith W Gajef Githiora Wamaitha Gichamba I tell you! Our only frustration in life was exams!

Eduu Starbwoy alaaa, you did kaw law but you landed in front of a camera?

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Seth Olale Ulianza kuenda Karen kitambo

Vincent Mwango Kumbe you're this young..

Loco Loco Same glow same smile

Faith W Gajef Githiora Our Chilling spot! Wamaitha Gichamba Christine Nkatha

Wamaitha Gichamba Faith W I miss those days when the only worry was to pass exams

Karani Ochieng Jr. Hehehe Pesa ni poa, that's all I can say

Wamaitha Gichamba Good old days. How old were we again?

Kipruto Chemuchuk Land ownership was the same as today's or different asking for fellow loyas.

ndegwa.ngambi If 'Life is a journey' was a picture 😏

mutantrix A real throwback

okiieli Watu hutoka mbali

njokisara Alaa you are also an Alma Mater , who took you for land law 1 ?