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5 ‘mitumba’ shopping tips to help you buy the best fashionable clothes

Thrift shopping.

Mitumba Shopping

It’s such a thrill to plan for especially when you’re not so sure just how much you’ll spend and for what. From your top celebrities like Dela, Hart the Band, Kagwe Mungai and Brenda Wairimu it’s pretty obvious mitumba is the way to go if you were to stand out fashion wise. How do you make it?

1.  Go on opening day

Or what they call, “Kufungua bale”. This is the best time to thrift shop as all the new stuff is showcased then. With mitumba, you rarely find two of the same designs at one place so it’s first come, first served. At Gikomba that’s Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

2.  Also go early in the morning.


The early bird catches the greatest fits. If you were to ask street vendors and they’ll tell you that 5am is not early enough if they want good sales for the day. Well, you don’t need to be there before dawn but the earlier you get the better thing you’ll get.

3. Take your time

Just because its cheap in doesn't meannits worth it. There's the good stuff hidden amongst the old second hand. A wise shopper takes time with selecting her clothes.

4. Bargain


The beauty of thrift shopping is that even when the price is Ksh10 you can still bargain! Sellers know that you're going to be blown away with the prices and trust me, they know a newbie when they see one. When the price feels abit too high, bargain. Heck, bargain just for the sake of it. Its a tough economy.

5. Beware of cons

Ever heard, don't dress up as If you're going to Gikomba? Really, don't.

Feels like a stereotype,  I know, but standing out is not something you want to do at a city market.  Beyond being a target for cons, the sellers will hike the prices in your presence.  Keep the boujee of thrift shop.


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