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Bahati and Diana Marua counselling session ends in a fight (Video)

More drama for the Bahati's

Bahati with his Wife Diana Marua

The last episode of Being Bahati left fans in dilemma, following cheating allegations that had been levied against the EMB president.

Following the fall out , the two opted to seek marriage counselling but unfortunately the session did not go down well.

Before heading to church for the counselling session, Ms Marua expressed displeasure in the manner her hubby had organized the session behind her back, yet she is expected to be part of it.



“Yaani for real, umeona hatuwezi kaa kwa nyumba to have a conversation to discuss this issue, umeenda hata ukabook an appointment kwa pastor tufanye counselling without telling me. Si uko na gari yako. Tukutane mbele,” said Diana Marua.

The conversation starts with Ms Marua narrating how her hubby has been unfaithful to an extent of buying another woman gifts.

Bahati interjects with an explanation that the allegations were based on a misunderstanding that was delivered by Diana(the singer's PA) forcing him to ask for forgiveness.


Dramatic twist

However, the counselling took a dramatic twist after Ms Marua refused to acknowledge her mistakes in regard to what caused their fall out.

“Beb Pole sana kama sikukuambia mapema kuhusu mambo imekukasirisha, lakini Emma amekudanganya. Lakini na wewe omba msamaha kuhusu huyo sister yako,” said Bahati.

In a quick rejoinder, Diana defended herself saying she didn't invite her sister to confront him (Bahati) and can’t apologize on her behalf. 

Her words triggered Bahati to stage a walk out, with claims that he was not going to deal with someone who is not ready to own up to her mistakes.


“Pastor kama Msamaha haiwezi ombeka si basi tu tuwachane na hii counselling. Nimechukua uceleb yangu yote na apologize, then yeye hawezi” said Bahati.

“I cannot deal with this pastor, I think we are done” said Diana.

Their argument escalated, to a point the pastor had to intervene and help them solve their differences amicably.



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