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Gor Mahia fan peels body skin to show love of team. (Disturbing Photos)

The long awaited #mashemejiderby took place today at 3pm, Moi Avenue, Haile Selassie, Uhuru Highway  was colored with blue & and green jersey.

As always, we hold our breaths and keep off as far as we can when we hear the local teams Gor Mahia are having a football tournament.

Football is a crazy game for many reasons. It’s crazy that grown men get paid millions to kick one ball around the field, it’s crazy that fans can unconditionally adore a side that plays on the other side of the world to them, and it’s even crazier when fans go to extra lengths to show their love for the game.

Many times we’ve seen/heard about a football fanatic who has jumped from top floor of a building committing suicide destroying their TV sets or in Nairobi’s famous walk of looting and destroying people’s property in town or cars. Latest in today though, was a fan tattooing Gor Mahia on his arm, with a sharp object!

Following the #mashemejiderby that was taking place earlier today, where AFC lost to Gor Mahia 0-2, the fan’s picture has been circulating online better part of the day showing his forearm freshly inscribed the word ‘Gor Mahia.’  Looks quite painful. Looks like he peeled his skin to write the words. Is this where now fanatics have reached? Why can’t one just enjoy his game in peace?


Have we now moved from Gor’s hooliganism to freshly peel our own skin to show love for the teams?


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