Frankie Justgymit breaks down as he addresses allegations of being a deadbeat dad

I pay Sh150, 000 school fees plus upkeep

Frankie Justgymit breaks down as he addresses allegations of being a deadbeat dad

Fitness Coach Frankie Justgymit has for the first time addressed allegations of being a deadbeat dad, after parting ways with his baby mama Maureen Waititu.

Speaking while he responded to a question raised by one of his followers about being a dead beat, Frankie said that he was not and he takes care of his kids, to the best of his ability.

He went on to mention that he pays Sh150, 000 school fees per semester for his first son who schools at Montessori. He added that he also pay Sh6, 000 weekly for their upkeep.

The fitness coach said that raising the amount is not easy, and he has an arrangement with his mother who helps him pay for part of the school fees.

Each week I send money for my children’s upkeep. Let me just be candid and say I send Sh6, 000 each week. Personally, I spend like Sh2, 500 on myself and I’m a fully grown man. I pay school fees, he goes to Montessori, he loves it there it’s a private school. The school fees is not cheap at all, it’s about Sh150k per semester. Paying 150K is not easy and there’s a reason why he went to that school which I’m not gonna touch on. The arrangement I have right now is that my mom helps me out with a percentage of that school fees. We split it down the middle, up keep and school fees. My children had two nannies and I was paying for them until recently. My baby mama and I had an agreement on how we were going to be splitting the nannies fee. I pay a significant amount and then she tops it up and that’s what we’ve been doing for the past year,” Frankie said in a video he shared on his YouTube channel.

He reiterated that he takes care of his children and people should really think hard about what being a deadbeat parent means.

So I don’t really see where the part of being a deadbeat dad comes in based on that explanation. Yesterday actually, I paid school fees for online classes on zoom. I definitely have to ask you guys to really think hard about what a deadbeat dad means or what a deadbeat parent means because I definitely take care of my children at all times,” he added.

Frankie Justgymit further mentioned that he was the one who moved out of the house they lived in with Maureen Waititu in Westlands, which he had been given by his mother as their engagement gift.

The two, Frankie and Maureen parted ways in 2019.

Here is the video


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