Woman allows stranger watch her while having sex with husband

An anonymous couple believed to be in Canada have found a way to mix little business with big pleasure


This is probably a turn on for her, maybe a fantasy that she has always wanted to do. See communication is everything, once you can freely talk to your partner about your fantasies, they can come alive.

Here is what happened, the couple are believed to be from Canada, they have allowed hundreds of strangers watch their lovemaking via a webcam.

'In our living room, it’s just us, naked, talking to a bunch of strangers cheering us on,' the couple anonymously told YourTango.

They didn’t make a ton of cash, just about $8. You can see why this isn’t about money for this couple but for the thrill, what a way to mix a little business with plenty of pleasure. They came about this idea from watching other couples do it online, reports Steven Trask, Mail Online Australia


'After weeks of watching you start thinking to yourself, ''We could do this'',' the wife said.

Mamamia reported that other people had also performed acts on each other at the audience's request in order to earn 'tips', which were used as a source of income.

About 380 people tuned to watch their experiment for the first show.'But we walked away with more than just $8,' the couple wrote.

'We walked away more in love with each other for going on this adventure together.

'With the confidence of compliments from the strangers watching us, and the thrill of being exhibitionists that made us go back for more the next night.'


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