Actress' husband, JJC denies pregnancy reports

JJC Skillz stated that he believes in a prophecy suggesting imminent pregnancy for his wife.

The film director and rapper explained in an interview with Punch News' Saturday Beats today that he had only tried to key into a prophecy from Nathaniel Bassey's "Hallalujah Challenge".

According to him, the gospel singer had revealed that he had a vision that his wife will be delivering twins in the year 2018, and he was only being positive about it.

“My post on Instagram about my wife having twins was a prophecy from Olowogbogboro," he said.

"Nathaniel Bassey came online and he had the prophecy, so I just tapped into it.

"If you look at my tweet, you would see what I wrote, I said I heard this news where he gave a big testimony, he gathered people around to pray for my wife and he said that he had a vision that she would have twins and that he will be invited to the naming ceremony next year.

"I received the good news and I pray it comes to pass,” he added.

Akindele's husband shared his optimism that the prophecy is most likely going to come to pass because he comes from a family of twins.

The rapper was quick to use his elder sisters as reference points.


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