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Popular Actor's one-year-old son admitted in hospital

Five minutes of watching their son's eyes roll back and his bodytwitch felt like a lifetime for the acclaimed actor and his wife.

According to the actor cum talk show co-host’s post on Facebook, their one-year-old son had a seizure on Sunday. As first time parents, nothing had prepared them for the kind of frightening experience that had them watch their baby’s beautiful eyes roll back and twitch while his body stiffened and jerked. 5 minutes of this horrific scene felt like a lifetime as they thought that their son was dying.

Langiri wrote, “It’s the scariest sh*t to witness. His eyes rolled up the socket. They started twitching and jerking and his limbs got stiff. For a minute there, we thought he's dying (1st-time parents lol)…The seizure barely lasted more than 5 minutes which, is a good thing, but at that moment, it felt like a lifetime.”

Speaking exclusively to Pulse, Gerald informed us that baby Travis was the rushed to hospital where he was admitted on Sunday. Fortunately, he was released yesterday after the doctors deemed it safe for his release.


The cause of seizure after the doctor's highly intrusive tests showed that baby T was suffering from febrile seizures which normally occur in babies during the first day of fever.

“We rushed him to hospital. Tests were done, including a very intrusive spinal tap to rule out meningitis. What was found is that he got an infection which spiked his fever and that is what caused the seizure,” reads the post.

The symptoms include staring, severe shaking or tightening of the muscles and child may lose consciousness.  However, it may last a few minutes and is usually harmless.

The doctors informed Gerald that febrile seizures mostly occur if one of the parents had it as a child. He found out that he also suffered the same after a phone call to his mom.

He wrote, “Apparently it’s a common condition for kids between 6months and 5 years and while there isn't any known reason as to why it happens, it is definitely hereditary. A child is more likely to have febrile seizures if either of his parents had them when they were young."


Gerald and Lyne welcomed their firstborn son last year October, 28th at Avenue Hospital. Travis’s birth was a success other than a few scares when the umbilical cord was around his neck.

This was Gerald’s sweet and hilarious way of introducing his baby to his fans on his Instagram.

“He came. He finally came. 28th October 2016 12:57 pm and weighing 3.8kgs, Travis Jumba Langiri was born.

Bae (turned Mae) and baby are now both fine. I say now because there was a bit of a scare when scans revealed the umbilical cord was around the baby’s neck and therefore an emergency CS had to be done.The surgery was successful and the baby was rushed to the nursery…only to be put an oxygen mask because he wasn’t breathing quite well. He stayed on the oxygen mask overnight and today we are happy to announce that he is out of the mask and breathing independently …and oh yeah…he just took his 1st poop..some green slimy sh*t…and is also sucking on that breast (milk) like a father like son.All the worries are finally gone…Bae is a damn strong woman. Super proud of her..Omundu strong vhane ????.And to the wonderful very nice doctors and nurses at #AvenueHospital you are heroes…TO PARENTHOOD….I’ll drink to that…I’ll def drink to that. And yes, we are accepting presents.

And he shares a birthday with my older sister too.”


Gerald has personally informed us that other than another lapse of seizure yesternight, baby Travis is doing quite well and is under very close monitoring.

With just a year on planet earth, Travis is already featuring in his father's online comedy dubbed Shit Happens. Travis plays the role of Langiri's son who chased out his wife after finding her cheating. The 5 minutes show is aired once a month on Youtube and has already gained international recognition for it's hilarious script that highights the day to day life for so many people.

We wish the Langiri’s nothing but the best and a swift recovery for Baby T.

Watch the second episode of Langiri's show below:


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