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If he wasn’t married to his Libyan-Moroccan wife, would he marry a Kenyan woman?

Born in 1971 in Jerusalem, Israel Gilad Millo is currently one of the most-sought after musicians in the country. This is because he has managed to woo Kenyans with his impeccable voice and sweet songs sung in the local dialect of Kiswahili.

Gilad Millo

Since the release of ‘Unajua’ the former deputy head of mission at the Israeli Embassy in Kenya has been topping charts with his wonderful songs, 2 of them which he has sung with popular songbird Wendy Kimani.

His love affair with Kenya began a while back as a diplomat. And when he retired, his home of choice was Kenya “The connection with Kenya was instant. I’ve never encountered a more open, generous people.”Gilad said in a past interview with

And when he moved to Kenya, he came with his children and wife Hadas.

Speaking of Hadas, Ghafla sought to find out if he wasn’t married to Hadas, would he settle with a Kenyan woman?


“That’s a very tough question. It’s a very tough question because if you look at my wife, her complexion is dark, her roots are Moroccan-Libya, and her hair is dark, black hair. Her physical colour is much closer to African than it would be to Swedish, American blonde or anything else. That tells you what my taste is…that’s as close as I’mma get to that answer. That’s pretty close… that’s very good ama? We are diplomats…”he added chortling.

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