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Gloria Muliro should stay single till death - Daddy Owen

The Gospel singer has left tongues wagging after revealing why Gloria Muliro should stay single forever.

Gloria disclosed that during their wedding night, her husband waited for her to go to the bathroom before he hurriedly went through their wedding gifts and picked money from the envelopes before speedily stashing the money into his pockets.

Since announcing her divorce 2 years ago many have been wondering when Gloria would jump back on the dating horse, but Daddy Owen is of the opinion that as a Christian dating and remarriage should be truly unthinkable for the Gospel singer.

“If a gospel singer’s spouse dies, one can remarry because it was not their decision for that to happen but when one divorces, that one should never marry because it was their decision like in the case of Gloria Muliro, she should not go back to being married. You should stay like that till you die” Daddy Owen told The Star.


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