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God saved my baby and I from death - Size 8

This is my testimony.

Ladasha Belle with her parents

This is because she had multiple issues during her pregnancy and while giving birth. At some point, her life alongside her daughter’s life were at stake.

Size 8 had suffered severe hypertension during her pregnancy and the condition prevented the placenta from getting enough blood which in turn led to the baby receiving less oxygen and food.



During childbirth Size 8 had to be induced because of her blood pressure but she didn’t dilate and so she was rushed in for an emergency C section under her husband’s instructions despite her resistance.

DJ Mo’s quick thinking saved their daughter’s life as the surgeons found that the umbilical cord had wrapped itself around her daughter’s neck and the newborn was worryingly small.

And that is why Size 8’s daughter is nothing short of a miracle.


Sharing a picture of Ladasha who will be turning 3 this month, Size 8 wrote “Look at my miracle from the most Holy God. Waaaaaa she has really grown up fast. At times pregnancies have complications and delivery can be life-threatening but if am still alive to see this little angel alive there is nothing God cannot do. This is my testimony God saved my baby and I from death and now look at the works of God. Wow, father give me more grace to worship you in spirit and in truth forever for you have thundered over my life. Whatever the issue you might have now focus on God have faith in Him read 2 Chronicles 20:20.”


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