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I stopped looking for a wife - Ringtone explains why he ended dramatic search for love

The self-proclaimed Chairman of Kenya's gospel industry

Kenyan gospel musician Ringtone Apoko in a recent photo with Tik Tok sensation Azziad. He has explained why he stopped looking for a wife

The ever controversial Ringtone Apoko on Saturday spoke out on why he stopped his much publicized search for his better half.

The self-proclaimed chairman of the Kenyan gospel industry claimed that he had received a number of advances but had resolved to halt the search to focus on his music career.

The "Tenda Wema" hit maker also termed his search for a wife, which saw him hold placards in traffic and eventually get arrested, as having been a waste of time.


"Niliona napoteza time kutafuta bibi na wakati God alinicreate, purpose ilikuwa anitumie kufanya kazi yake so I decided to do God's work na nikaallow God afanye kazi yangu...yaani God anitafutie bibi na mimi niendelee kuwin souls...God haezi nilet down.

"(Looking for a wife was a waste of time. When God created me his purpose was for me to do his work so I decided to do God's work and to allow God to find me a wife as I win souls over to the kingdom. God will not let me down.)," the musician explained.

Ringtone takes on Willy Paul and Bahati


The "Zoea Mawe" singer was speaking during an interview with NTV where he also addressed his ongoing feud with Willy Paul.

"The only problem I have with Willy Paul is that he stole from Jesus. He started well and after we bought his music and he got a bit of money he bought a Mercedes and started sleeping around with girls...that's stealing from God!

"I don't have beef with Willy Paul or Bahati or anyone else in this industry, the only thing I'm saying is none of us is righteous but we shouldn't use our music to confuse Christians especially in public. If Willy Paul's weakness is women then he should do everything right in his public ministry and struggle with his weakness in his bedroom as we pray for him and that way we wouldn't criticize him," Ringtone explained.


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