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Gospel singer Kizo B causes panic among fans with suicide note

"Pray for my son and I’m sorry"

Vekta Kenya, Swaleh Mdoe , Enock Bella and Gospel singer Kizo B

Kenyan Gospel singer Glenna Akaliche popularly known as Kizo B has shocked his fans after putting up a post on his Facebook page contemplating suicide.

Kizo B who ditched secular Music for Gospel in 2016, mentioned that he was tired with life and death was the only solution for what he was going through.

He went ahead to request his fans to support his son in whatever way they can when he is gone.

“Death is the only solution to my at the moment, pray for my son to strong and I’m sorry to my team VEKTA KENYA, You are the best boss I had. I know nitakuwa nimekuvunja roho but I’m sorry I have no choice.. Please please my followers support my son in whatever atependa kufanya akigrow ...Love you guys so much and I hope mtanisamehe” reads Kizo B’s Post.


His chilling post forced his Management (Alka Production) to issue a statement, explaining that they had talked to the singer and he is now doing well.

“Hello good people Kizo B is fine and God has been faithful. Kindly share this to all his fans" shared ALKA PRODUCTIONS CEO,Vekta Kenya.

Huddah Monroe helped Kizo B

During a recent interview with Mzazi Wily Tuva, Kizo-B who switched from secular to Gospel music disclosed that socialite Huddah Monroe was the first person to believe in him when he was nobody and had nothing.


He narrated how they met at a studio called Brimstone where he shared his story with Huddah and after that the socialite kept on coming back, and for a month she bought him chips and juice every day.

“Huddah alinisaidia sana. Ndio alikuwa mtu wa kwanza kuchukua ‘ulinibeep’ na kuisambaza kwa watu. Kuna studio inatwa Brimstone hapo Koja na kashop flani walikuwa wanapenda sana kutengeneza juice za maembe. Hizo time Huddah hakuwa amegrow but she was still beautiful vile ako sahizi na alikuwa anajuana na mabigfish kama kina Kajairo na wengine. Tukakutana nayeye Brimstone nikamueleza shida yangu. Uzuri ni kwamba alikuwa ana kadoo kidogo so for one month alikuwa anatoka mahali alikuwa anatoka maziwa kwao anakuja tao ananinunulia chipo na juice nikule juu ya hio ngoma yangu akisema wewe utatoboa,” he narrated.

He went on to say that Huddah carried a copy of his CD everywhere she went and she was the first person who introduced him to Kajairo who was then a radio presenter at Q-FM and that’s how things changed for him.


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