Governor Joho opens up on little known details about his late mother

My mother was my best friend and everything - Joho

Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho

Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho has for the first time opened up on little known details about his late mother, and how close they were.

Speaking during a recent interview, 001 as many refer to him said that his late mother was a very religious person, and wouldn’t even allow them to have girlfriends.

According to the Governor, if his mother found him or any of his siblings with a girlfriend or boyfriend, she would have them get married immediately.

She was a very religious person she wouldn’t allow us to do certain things kwanza hii ya girlfriend boyfriend. My friend if she caught me with a woman today, she would ensure she marries me. Ile utaoa sahii. Ukishikwa sisi as Muslims kuoa ni dakika mbili you bring a Kadhi and you know 10 minutes you are done,” said Joho.

He also narrated how the mother caught him in an almost similar situation while he was a Member of Parliament(MP) and he had to beg the mother not to make a scene of it, promising to change his ways.

So she caught me once but because she was my friend I pleaded with her. Mama I plead with you don’t embarrass me tena at that time btw I was an MP. Alinishika mahali hivi hivi nikamwambia mama don’t embarrass me. I promise you this will be the last toka hapa siwezi rudia and she would understand. And later on we’d go home and have a conversation and am glad God allowed me the opportunity to take care of her towards her last days,” narrated Governor Joho.

In an interview with Churchill, the Governor said that his late mother was his best friend and is the one who shaped him to be the man he is today.

Joho talked about how she struggled raising them after parting ways with the father and she did all she could to give them the best.

My mother was my best friend. My mother shaped me to be what I am today, she taught me many things about life. She guided me, counselled me and ensured I am that man that understands life and in totality what comes with life

To be honest I’ve had many friends, I have best friends now but I have never had a friend that was as close to me as my late mother and was my everything, she struggled for me,” said the Mombasa Governor.

Joho mentioned that his mother came from a big family and this also contributed immensely to his political career that has seen him rise to be Governor of Mombasa County.


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