Miss Momanyi speaks on her relationship with Grace Msalame

Anybody can live in harmony within a blended situation - Momanyi.

She got into the Msalame topic during a Q& A session where a fan asked what kind of a relationship she has with mama Raha and Zawadi. Mo revealed that the two are more than cordial as she described her relationship with Msalame as ‘Fantastic’.

In a past video on her YouTube channel, Mo had revealed that blended families are not that unique and blending a family can be a seamless thing as long as there is genuine love and respect. “Blended families are not that unique. They are actually very many blended families…There has to be real love, real genuine love, there has to be a lot of respect and there has to be a lot of communication around everybody and you just make the best out of it.  And of course for fathers in blended relationships they have to take responsibility and if the kids are involved the kids should always come first you must always take care of the kids and I think anybody can live in harmony within a blended situation,” she explained.

Evaline has shown a liking for Msalame and the feelings are mutual as Grace showed genuine joy when her ex Paul tied the knot with Evaline Momanyi. She even went ahead and complimented the bride by saying that she looked ‘divine’ on her wedding day, much to the surprise of her fans.

Grace explained that their good relationship shouldn’t come as a surprise as co-existence in blended families is possible “These two are my people we've always co-parented so we're in each other's lives forever & been friends for years! So it's natural to celebrate Love as they do mine. Be Blessed All. And remember God is the source of all Peace. Stay in Him & let Him shine through You!!!”

She then went on to add “It is all by His Grace & Strength & it's always been key for me to change the narrative- peaceful co-existence is very possible by the Grace of God if we allow Him to work through us.”


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