Guardian Angel & Esther Musila speak on their relationship, Rue Baby on dating MCA Tricky and other top stories


Guardian Angel & Esther Musila speak on their relationship, Rue Baby on dating MCA Tricky and other top stories

Rue Baby comes clean on dating MCA Tricky

Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby this week clarified reports that she is dating comedian and Radio presenter MCA Tricky.

Speaking when she appeared on Chat Spot, Rue Baby said that they are only good friends and all they do is the skits they shoot together.

She went on to mention that there is not one time that the comedian has admitted that they are a couple and they have never announced it officially.

Tricky and I are friends. We are just good friends and I’d say its just skits most of the time. Hakuna mahali mmeona ameniita girlfriend. Hakuna mahali tumesema it’s official,” said Rue.

She also narrated how fans flooded her Facebook comment section with pictures of another girl that MCA Tricky had done the skits with, many of them wanting to know if she had been dumped by the comedian.

There’s a time he did a skit about 2 months ago na msichana mwingine hapo and then my Facebook was full. People on Facebook hawana filter my comment section was just full of that girl’s photos kwani umeachwa? woiyee aki pole usijali. Tricky and I are just friends. Good friends. We just do skits together and that it,” she said.

I genuinely loved him – Tanasha Donna responds to claims of using Diamond for fame

Singer Tanasha Donna Oketch has strongly refuted claims that she used her Tanzania baby daddy Diamond Platnumz to rise to fame.

According to the mother of one, she genuinely loved the WCB boss and was very loyal to him, a fact Diamond knew because he sometimes could go through her phone.

Not at all, I genuinely loved him, he knows that. I was loyal to him. He could take my phone and go through my phone so comfortably and he used to say it himself he knew that I was loyal to him. I believe that if I didn’t love him I wouldn’t be loyal to him or I would do things behind his back or get nervous when he holds my phone. But I genuinely loved him,” said Ms Donna.

Tanasha mentioned that when they began dating, she was against having the relationship public, but Chibu would later on go public.

The Sawa hit maker reiterated that she loved Diamond Platnumz with her all and she always will love him as the father of her son, Naseeb Junior, but she has since moved on.

I did not use him to climb to the top as a matter of fact in the beginning I was against putting our relationship in the public. If my intention was to really get clout out of this, I would be like post me do this, do that. In the beginning, I was against putting our relationship in the media but later on he would do it but then no I would like to cut off those claims. That’s a man I genuinely loved, that a man I will always have love for. I’ve moved on but I will always have love for him because at the end of the day he’s the father of my son,” said Tanasha Donna.

Guardian Angel and Esther Musila speak on their relationship

Gospel singer Guardian Angel talked about his relationship with Esther Musila, after their photos became a topic of discussion on social media, for the better part of this week.

In an interview with #UhondoMtaani, the Kuoshwa hit maker made it clear that the only way he will describe the nature of his relationship with 50-year-old Esther Musila is when they will get to be interviewed together.

He added that Ms Musila is a big supporter of his ministry based on the fact that she is also a singer and they have worked on two songs together “Moyo Wangu” and “Harusi” which is yet to be released.

The Nadeka hit-maker wondered why the society was so quick to judge him even before they heard his side of the story. He pointed out that Esther is his wife and it doesn’t matter how old she is.

Esther Musila in a separate interview said she is 50-years-old and she knows what she wants in life.

She further disclosed that she met Guardian through Maina Kageni before their love blossomed after months of knowing each other.

Diana Marua reveals why she stopped using this contraceptive

Singer Kevin Bahati’s wife Diana Marua was forced to get rid of her family planning coil popularly known as the Non-hormonal IUD (Intrauterine device) Coil after her feet started swelling.

In a video shared on YouTube, the mother of two stated that her doctor advised that she gets rid of any foreign material in her body, in order to ascertain if the contraceptive was the cause of the swelling.

I want to remove an IUD that I put…when you are a woman you will understand why we need such contraceptives. Family planning guys…I have a history of swelling my left foot since high school, imekuwa on and off. I have been to hospitals severally, done so many tests but hakuna kiti ilikuwa inashow. Late on iliwacha tu kufura yenyewe, and that was it. But the last 5 days hii mguu ilianza tu kufura with a lot of pain. So the Doctor suggested we get rid of any foreign material in my body,” said Diana Marua.

In a conversation with her Gynecologist, Marua made it clear that she had done all the required tests to trace the cause of her swollen foot but all was in vain, and removing the IUD was the only thing left.

Comedian Brendah Jons speaks on why she parted ways with J Blessing’s management

Comedian Brendah Jons known for the character Mama Kingston has for the first time disclosed why she parted ways with Video Director J Blessing owned management company.

Ms Jons said she opted out of the management because of money and personal issues.

She mentioned that the Digital Agency could not account for where her money was going or rather what it was being used for, and she chose to opt out of it.

I’m working solo now. I had worked with that management for some time and then due to money issues, personal issues I had to walk out…there was no accountability of where the money was going and I was living like a broke artiste so I felt I couldn’t do it. It was a digital agency run by J Blessing,” said Brendah Jons.

The comedian who is popularly known as Mama Kingston added that the management owes her around Sh400K and they even had lawyers involved in case, but it only made the case to further escalate before she decided to let it all go.

It was a back and forth, lawyers involved, all that ikafika tu place it was too dramatic I just had to walk out and let it go. Pesa mingi, Sh400, 000,” added Ms Jons.

Brendah Jons noted that it was not an easy thing and it almost led her into depression, but now believes it was part of life lessons people go through.

We are asking for what is rightfully ours - Otile Brown tells Uhuru

Singer Otile Brown has penned down a bold message to President Uhuru Kenyatta, after an audit report exposed the rot at the bodies tasked to collect royalties on behalf of musicians; Music Copyright society of Kenya (MCSK), Performers Rights Society of Kenya (Prisk) and the Kenya Association of Music Producers (Kamp).

In his letter, Otile called upon the Head of State to intervene and ensure that officials at MCSK, Prisk and Kamp face the full force of the law for stealing from artistes every year.

The Dusuma hit maker added that artistes are just demanding what is rightfully theirs, but unfortunately MCSK officials are using their hardly earned money to enrich themselves.

The singer’s statement comes days after an audit report ordered by Kenya Copyright Board revealed theft of artistes’ money by the bodies put in charge of collecting royalties on behalf of artistes.

The forensic audit from 2017 to 2019 unearthed deep-rooted systemic inefficiencies such as; diversion of royalties, poor corporate governance structures, suspected fraudulent transactions, poor record-keeping and the existence of ghost or duplicate members.


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