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Diamond was in love with me - Hamisa Mobetto

Diamond’s latest baby mama has revealed that she is not our usual side chick as the singer loved her.

He then went on to joke that the money he gives Hamisa can be used to help the needy while Hamisa’s Toyota RAV4 can be used to transport food to the orphanage.

The BBA winner posted this in response to claims that Diamond used to give Hamisa 70, 000 TZS (3, 222 KES) every day or more when she was pregnant and also purchased a Toyota Rav 4 for her before giving her 7 million TZS which is around 322,600 KES for baby items.

This joke did not go down well with Hamisa who told off Idris and informed him that he had crossed a line because he was now using this information to hurt her and her son.


In addition, Hamisa disclosed that she got the Toyota RAV4 not because she was pregnant but because Diamond was in love with her at the time so he gifted her with the car out of love and not out of responsibility. And the 70, 000 TZS were given out of love as the kid was not yet born.

“Okay your just too much Iddy Honestly speaking…..Nadhani we ndo mtu pekee uliokazania elfu 70 na Rav 4 kuliko hata huyo aliyetoa mwenyewe…..Mtoto anapangwa na Mwenyezi Mungu kumbuka wakati hiyo gari inatolewa haikutolewa wakati nina mimba or kisa ya mimba ilitolewa kwa mapenzi na iyo elfu 70 ilitolewa kwajili ya mapenzi coz mtoto alikuwa hajazaliwa yet, Kindly stop using this to hurt me or my son….Kusaidia watoto wasio na uwezo ni jambo jema Sana and am sure you can tell him/ask him afanye hivyo without kutumia ishu yangu au mtoto wangu kama source”. Hamisa wrote.

Idris then apologized to Hamisa and informed her that this was not meant to disrespect her or her child, it was a message to Diamond.


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