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Revealed: The amount of money Hamisa wanted from Diamond on a monthly basis

It seems that Hamisa Mobetto had found an ATM in Diamond.

He admitted that he impregnated Hamisa Mobetto much to the shock of his fans before revealing that he was no dead-beat dad and provided for baby mama number 2 and his offspring.

And the reason he hadn’t announced the news earlier was that he felt that it was a private affair and there was no reason to claim Hamisa in public if he had accepted the baby already. Plus he had already informed Hamisa that he would never claim her in public since he didn’t want to ruin his relationship with Zari.

To ensure she lived comfortably he used to give Hamisa 70, 000 TZS (3, 222 KES) every day or more when she was pregnant and also purchased a Toyota Rav 4 for her before giving her 7 million TZS which is around 322,600 KES for baby items.


But Hamisa was not satisfied, she wanted more, a lot more.

Apparently the video vixen wanted 5 million TZS or 230,000 KES a month as child support, a price which Diamond rejected before threatening her with a monthly stipend of 3,400 Kshs in accordance to Tanzanian laws.

“We had a lot of push and pull over the amount and I had to employ a lawyer to set up a monthly stipend in accordance with the law. So I gave her that amount since she had a problem obeying the law. She refused and came with her lawyer who told my lawyer that she wants 5 Million Tshs every month. Hehehe! I was like Ehh bana tembea kwingi uone mengi dada.” He said.

The amount was ridiculous to Diamond who said that the highest amount a baby can use is 60, 000 Tshs per month since babies do not have so many needs.


In the end, Hamisa ended up with much less 200,000 TZS or 9,200 Kshs per month which would be deposited by his lawyer every month as Diamond didn’t want any talks with Hamisa unless it was about their child.

Diamond also added that he had tried to get Hamisa to build a great future for their child by starting a business and avoiding drama with Zari, but she was adamant and wanted the fame rather than the money.

He got irritated and cut off all communication with her expect on baby matters since he realized Hamisa was all about the fame. However, Hamisa was not done with him and she started spreading rumours through her friends that Diamond had denied his child.

Despite the irritation the rumours caused, Diamond still paid 7 Million TZS (322,242 KES) for Hamisa to deliver at a private hospital before sending his mum and sister to see Hamisa’s baby since he was in London. But alas! Hamisa had sent paparazzi after Diamond’s mums so that footage of the visit would hurt Zari.

Despite all the drama, Diamond has revealed that he is trying his best to protect Zari who is getting blasted on social media over Hamisa and maintain a cordial relationship between his kids.


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