Hamisa Mobetto in bitter fight with Vera Sidika [Photos]

The Drama of the two Video Vixen has set Social media on Fire

The argument has been triggered by a video shared on Hamisa Mobetto’s snapchat recorded when the two video vixens met in Nairobi, through a mutual friend identified as Cuppy.

According to Vera, Hamisa recorded the snap Video without her consent and went ahead to upload it on social media.

“So cuppy sees me drive to my meeting at Dusit, signals and stops to say hi and then does a snapchat of me. I didn’t know Hamisa was also doing a snap now everyone is sending me a video I wasn't aware of starting drama. A beg leave me out y’ll mess” said Vera on Snapchat.

She added that she has known Cuppy for the very longest time and Hamisa is just an opportunist who wants to ride on other people’s success.

“FYI I have known Cuppy for 4 years now. We have worked together and she’s lovely. Very supportive, I just don’t like opportunist people who make things look like what they ain’t."

But according to Ms Mobetto, Vera knew that she had recorded the video even before she posted it.

“Well!! You actually I was recording you and before I posted the snap, I sent you the video first and you were cool with it and weren’t you the first one to follow me here on snap a few months ago?” said Hamisa.

She added that Vera has been inviting her to her house when she is in Nairobi, insisting that she should go alone.

“And how many times have you invited me over to your place! Nikiwa Nairobi and even kina Cuppie wanajuahivyo coz you kept on instating I should come alone coz hutaki other girls waje kwa your house” added Ms Mobetto.

However, Hamisa avoided the drama and apologised to very saying she was not aware that the post was going to cause drama.

“Eissh I didn’t know it was a crime and also I didn’t know that you weren’t aware that I was recording you! That’s why I also sent you that video personally and coz you follow me nilijua unaiona tu.. Anyways my apologies” wrote Hamisa

Going by the Social media fight, Vera is trying to protect her friendship with Zari Hassan basing on the fact that Hamisa is Diamond’s side chick.


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