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Hamisa Mobetto angrily kicks out journalists from her shop (Video)

"Leave!" She shouted.

The journalists from popular Tanzanian website Dizzim Online had paid an impromptu visit to her shop to ask about her ‘Madam Hero’ song but the petite businesswoman was not too happy about the intrusion.

Off camera, Hamisa told the journalists that her clients don’t like being filmed and besides she wasn’t camera ready as she wasn’t wearing a wig or makeup.

“No No No! Aah-Aah sitaki. I am serious. Turn off the camera, I am not doing it.” Hamisa is heard protesting “Nina wateja wangu hawapendi camera so wakiona hivo wanogopa. Leave!”


“I’ve heard that this is not the first time you have come, wateja wangu wanalalamika.” Hamisa added.

Though rare, this is not the first time journalists have been caught up in an altercation with celebrities. When Wema had appeared at Kisutu Law Courts in Dar es Salaam over her drug abuse case, a number of journalists surrounded her as they wanted to get her comment after Zari claimed that she was the biggest contributor to her separation from Diamond.

The furious actress lashed out at them and told them to stay away from her but many could not listen and continued asking her for a comment.

“Nimechoka jamani , niacheni please, You guys it’s not funny. Mahusiano ya Diamond staki jamani, staki mbona mko ivo?” (I am tired, please leave me alone, this is not funny, I don’t want to talk about Diamond’s relationship. Why are you like this? )” An angry Wema said.


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