Hamisa Mobetto reveals why she finally gave Diamond a chance

The two have known each other for close to a decade.

Hamisa with Diamond

“Diamond aliniambia dini yake inaruhusu kuoa wake wanne so I was willing to share him with Zari,” said Hamisa during an interview on Mambo Mseto.

Prior to Diamond’s ‘marriage proposal’ and their clandestine relationship, Hamisa revealed that when she first met the singer, she wasn’t into him but later grew fond of him. This was during an interview on the ‘Chipukeezy Show’ where the host asked her what attracted her to the ‘Iyena’ singer.

“I can’t really say what attracted me to him because when we knew each other back then, he didn’t have the fame, the cash, he didn’t even have the body. When we started communicating when I was really young I kind of felt sorry for him. This is because he was a guy with big dreams but no support and I couldn’t do anything to help him because I was still in school. But we were not dating, he was just like a friend to me. We never dated we were just friends,” Hamisa said.

She went on to reveal that during the course of their friendship, she wasn’t really interested in Diamond as he was involved with so many women but she finally gave him a chance because she thought he had changed.

“We kept on communicating even when he became a celebrity. But he wasn’t what I wanted at that moment, coz I wanted to achieve my goals, I wanted to have everything I wanted for myself and he was a person that was mixed with a lot of women in our country at that time so it wasn’t something that I wanted.  But then, later on, you meet with a person, you feel like he has changed or he is ready for something. You date...you try it, it doesn’t work out you say umm...this is it,” She added.


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