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Hamisa’s mother has no brains– Mobetto’s friend angers fans with crude comments

Hakuna mtu mbovu kwa Hamisa kama mamake - Activist Mange.

Hamisa with her mum inset Hamisa with mange (Instagram)

Things have gone sour between Hamisa Mobetto and activist Mange Kimambi who took to Instagram to fire shots at Hamisa’s mum.

The activist claimed that Hamisa’s mum has been misleading Hamisa and allowed her to post the picture of a man Hamisa is said to have ‘stolen’ from Tanzanian model Tahiya.

Mange claimed that Mobetto’s mum told them to stop trying to control Hamisa and urged her to post a photo of her boyfriend which was contrary to Mange’s advice as the man was not very straightforward with Hamisa.


“Leo natoa la rohoni, Hakuna mtu mbovu kwa Hamisa kama mamake. Mamake Hamisa ni bogus zero brain, na nimeelewa why Diamond alimchamba that time. Maza hana akili yule. Siku ile watu tumeongea yeye akatuona maboya akasema tusimcontrol mtoto wake, aache waposti bwanake. Yani hawa wamama wa Instagram hawa ni bure. Mama hujaletewa mahari wala washenga hawajakuja kwako then unasapoti mambo hayo. Lazma una mpungufu mkubwa mno,”reads part of Mange’s caustic post.

Her post has triggered backlash on social media as people feel that Mange has gone too far with her post because Hamisa’s mum is older than her so she should be accorded respect and not dragged through social media like her peers.

Mange vs Zari

This is not the first time Mange has had friction with Diamond’s baby mamas. Last year, the activist got into it with Zari after insulting her son Nillan, an exchange that had Zari hurling all manner of insults at Mange including calling her a ‘low life whore’.


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