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Babu Tale explains why Hamisa Mobetto never threw expensive birthday for son

This was the plan

Diamond who sired Daylan with Mobetto while still with Zari Hassan had kept quiet about his son’s birthday party but talked about his daughter [sired with Zari] Tiffah’s birthday which raised eyebrows.

Hamisa’s plan


However, while speaking to Global TV, Babu explained that Hamisa wanted her son to do something close to religion and that is why he went to spend the day with orphans.

He added that Diamond's son Daylan and Mobetto only passed by the office as a surprise but it was not planned as people thought.

“Mama yake Daylan aliamua mtoto wake afanye party amabayo inahusiana na dini kidogo kwa hivyo yeye alikwenda kutoa kwa watoto yatima. Mulivyo muona Dalyan alikipiga picha na baba yake na watu baadhi ya Wasafi haikuwa imepangwa. Walifanya tu surprise kupita ofisini lakini plan iliyopangwa ni Daylan kutoa swadaka kwa watu. Unajua sometimes swadaka inalinda mtoto, inakinga mtoto. Maneno mengi yamesemwa juu yake na nini kwahiyo mamake akaona kikubwa ni akae na watoto yatima,” he told Global TV.

Diamond had revealed that he will fly 30 people including his ex-girlfriend Wema Sepetu to South Africa to celebrate Tiffah’s birthday.


However, Wema’s name on the list left a bitter taste in Zari’s mouth as she claimed that she might not attend the party. The party was scheduled for 17 August but Zari postponed it to a later date due to her work schedule.

Wema on the other end declined the invitation altogether.


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