Wema Sepetu blasts former friend for taking her mother to a night club

Wema Sepetu is no longer in good terms with her bestie, Munalove. The two bestfriends have been causing drama on social media for the past few days but none of them wanted to talk about it until just recently when Munlove tagged mama sepetu to a night club.


Through a well detailed post shared by Wema on her page, we can confirm that she is not planning to befriend Muna anytime soon. These two became tight after Aunty Ezekiel dumped Wema Sepetu following a petty issue that is yet to be revealed.

Anyway, in the post Wema Sepetu tells her former friend off for taking her mum to a club where the two spent the entire night. According to Wema, this is a disgrace and an embarrassment to see how one of her friendscould stoop so low. She posted to say,

Let me tell u one thing, Rose, I have been in the industry kwa miaka 10, Never have I taken my mum kwenye sehemu za starehe tena usiku wa manane… Ntamuita mama angu pale ninapojua kuwa uwepo wa mam unahitajika kwenye hafla hii… Umekuja ukaamua kujiweka karibu na mama angu kiasi cha kwamba mimi tena nikawa sio shoga ako bali mama angu ndo ukamtawala…. Ulikuwa una yako… Leo hii umeweza kumteka mama angu kiasi cha kwamba unamfanya ajione yuko age sawa na wewe… Mama angu ni wa kwenda mango garden jamani? sijawahi…

This is not the first time the two friends are fighting. They have had their ups and downs before but now that Wema Sepetu is trying to build her ruined relationship with Ezekiel, then Munalove might just have to find another loyal friend.


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