Kayole gang member sends daring message to police officers

Its time youth reform for a safer society #FormNiKureform

some of the youth warned by Hessy to change

But despite the efforts of this cops who are working around the clock to see people are safe, others have decided to dare them.

A youth by the name John Machukuz on Facebook has posted in a group that is managed by the Mystery cops bragging how he missed his bullets a few days ago.

The young man goes on to dare the police officers saying they should go after him, as he stay in Kayole.

But as always Hessy Wa Dandora has opted to warn the youth asking him to change for the better.

According to Facebook post by Hessy wa Kayole, Githuri or even Dandora, no one is taken down with proper investigations and calls for change.

The mystery cops have also asked the Human rights people who are fighting for the rights of criminals to thinking about the innocent victims killed every day.

Good morning !! Something is not adding up here, fighting for the rights of criminals is the same as legalising crimes not necessarily in thiz country alone, but in the whole world: Human Rights activists are playing a big role in that field, but am left with a very confusing question, "WHAT ABOUT THE VICTIMS OF CRIME ? "Almost everyone is crying, crime has risen to a level if not dealt with roughly, no one will be safe:

"some criminals have migrated from Eastlands of Nairobi to Killeleshwa nd some GAZA members settling at RONGAI, thiz thugs shld not be given time to settle coz very soon that area will be hell: fighting crime is a collective responsibility of both the police and members of the public, each one of us has a role to play in ensuring our country is safe, we CANNOT allow our cities be taken nd controlled by criminals: wether , other Hessy's nd  are in existence or not, criminals MUST be eliminated !!! Posted Hessy


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