Patricia Kihoro reveals father’s face for the first time [Photo]

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Patricia Kihoro reveals father’s face for the first time

Homeboyz Radio presenter and singer Patricia Kihoro has revealed her father’s face to the public for the first time.

In a picture she shared on Instagram, Ms. Kihoro was in Dubai for vacation with her father and they had gone for a desert safari.

She went on to say that she had a good time in Dubai with her father and got to know how they shared a lot in common.

The last few days have been such a trip! The pace of it all, plus the sporadic connectivity allowed me to just be present in the moment and enjoy it all and I finally have a moment to share a few moments from the amazing time I’ve had in Dubai! Also, they say traveling with someone can make or break a relationship but it’s been such a breeze! My dad and I are so similar yet so different! For one, he’s one of THOSE people. Yep, the ones who stand up in the aisle immediately the plane lands. Still Love him though,” wrote Ms. Kihoro.


In 2017, Patricia Kihoro also disclosed that she grew up so close to her parents and especially her dad.

My father used to tell me all this weird things and I used to believe until I was like eighteen years old when I started realizing that half of them were not even realistic,” said Patricia Kihoro.

She added that her parents turned her into the woman we’ve all come to adore.


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