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How I lost 46 Kgs - Mvita MP Shariff Nassir

He is super-fit!

Mvita MP before and after (Instagram)

Over the last few years, we have seen millions of Kenyans ditch fast foods and a sedentary lifestyle for healthy eating and an active lifestyle that has enabled them to get their dream bodies.

Politicians have not been left behind. They have traded in their bellies for washboard abs and one of the politicians who can now boast of a David Beckham-like body is Mvita MP Abdullswamad Shariff Nassir.

Mr Nassir looks incredible after losing 46 Kilograms from his previous weight of 130 Kgs that had people mistaking him for his wife’s dad!*gasp*


“I weighed a staggering 130kg and honestly, it was getting a bit scary. The extra kilos made me look too old and twice, my wife was referred to as my daughter! I remember once I wanted to go skydiving but could not, which was my turning point. I’m grateful though it didn’t get to the doctor asking me to lose weight due to health problems. I currently oscillate between 84kg — 87kg and my waistline has dropped from 44 inches to 34 inches with a well-sculpted body. Now they refer to my daughter as my younger sister! ,” he told Nation Newspaper.

How he lost the weight

The lawmaker has managed to shed the excess weight through a strict fitness regime that involves working out 5-6 days a week and a healthy diet

“I hit the gym about five to six times a week. Working out has become like a lifestyle to me, and I actually feel uncomfortable if I do not exercise. I have also embraced a healthy diet, which I did before I started training,” he told the paper.


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