Stop calling me dumb – Huddah opens up on getting her degree

I’ll beat you at your own game!

Stop calling me dumb – Huddah opens up on getting her degree

Outspoken Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has come out to say that she is anxious to get her degree so that people can stop calling her dumb.

“I can’t wait for my degree so y’all stop saying I’m dumb, I’m smarter than 99% of people who have that paper and a graduation photo” read one of her posts.

She went ahead to say that she didn’t let the piece of paper weigh her down, because she could even beat graduates at their own game.

“I decided that piece of paper won’t weigh me down. People like to point fingers she is not a graduate as smart as one can be lol So let’s goo bitches, I’ll beat you at your own game. They’ll be nothing to talk about

The rich socialite went ahead to say that getting her degree would scare off black men since they love stupid women they can manipulate.

But black men love a stupid woman so they can manipulate them. They are so scared of a smart, educated woman, I cant wait for my degree.”

Huddah posted this as she complained about gender inequality and how women were not given a chance to serve the country.

“Lets all go back to school combine knowledge and education, that real power” She cconcluded.

I don't date married men!

 Last week, she came out to reveal that she doesn't date married men,

In a post via her Insta-stories, Ms Monroe opted to set the record straight, after being accused of dating “sponsors” for a very long time.

“’When I say I don’t date married men people think, it’s a joke lol! But truth is married men ain't int my cup of tea. Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t fall in that category,” daid Huddah.

Ruining other people’s families

Huddah has always cautioned young girls from dating married men at the expense of their riches, then end up ruining other people’s families.

Huddah mentioned that anyone dating a married man should feel ashamed of their actions, as in the long run things will never end well.

“When you sleep with a married man don’t you feel a certain way? Do you ask him if he has taken care of his family first? Or you just fight to overtake the wife? That shit gets to me ..its Inhumane. I think you all should stop ruining families and marriages.. and if it’s a must make sure he takes care of his family first. Don’t be having fun, taking his money while his family is suffering," wrote Huddah.


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