Huddah Monroe claps back over allegations of going broke while in Dubai

Ms Monroe Claps back harder

Huddah Monroe responds to fan confessing love for her

Socialite Huddah Monroe clapped back at a fan who tried to bully her, stating that she has gone broke while in Dubai.

On Thursday, Ms Monroe put up a TBT photo, reminiscing on the good old days, with a statement that said “THROW BACK THURSDAY! Way back when she was a Bad girl . Now a bad gal gone badder! 😁”.

The statement prompted a fan by the name OCS Wa Area, to comment on her photo alleging that she was suffering in Dubai and she should just come back home.

Bad girl gone badder

ocs_wa_area_ “Bad girl gone badder na huna kitu unateseka pale dubai ... rudi home mamii😢. MR OCS ako sawa wewe hapo ni kudinywa na handouts kibao ... idiot.”

In a quick rejoinder, Ms Monroe responded saying she has booked her hotel in Dubai util December and she is not in a hurry to come back home.

@ocs_wa_area_ YOU WISH! Niko huku mpaka mchoke! 🤣🤣🤣 Pambana na hali yako Mr OCS!. Si Pia wewe Udinywe alarrr! Kwani hii Kuma ni ya mama yako! SMH! 🤣” responded Ms Monroe.

Another one

Another user also joined the conversation claiming that Huddah was selling her body in order to pay for her Hotel room.

Diamond defender, “Ain't you tired of being fucked always?"

Monroe hit back with; "@Diamond_defender, How can I be? Did you ever ask your mother that’s? Coz she stayed there, got fucked and gave birth to you… leave my Pu**sy alone.”

Huddah has been staying in Dubai since the Coronavirus pandemic began.

Dating older People

In January, this year, Huddah Monroe confessed that the she used to move around having sex with billionaires around the world in order to make ends meets.

Dating for money

In the rare confession via her Insta-stories, Ms Monroe disclosed that she made the decision of being independent, operating her own businesses because she was sick and tired of sleeping with old men for money.

“I wanna make one thing clear, I’m not where I wanna be in life, but, thank God I’m not where I used to be. For me to make the decision that I wanna be independent and have seven business that I’m running is because I was sick and tired of dating and fucking all this old rich men, being with them was so disrespectful, the way they treated me, the way they made me was so bad. And now I look back and I know what just because you are wealth and I didn’t have shiit, and now even flying me to a city it gonna take a lot of energy to wake up of my room to go and see a guy. By the end of the day, I’m is that being independent gives you so much power. And don’t be fooled that ooh you won’t get a husband, or you won’t get this, you will whatever you want in life as long as you put your mind to it. And I encourage that to every woman,” said Huddah Monroe.


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