Huddah Monroe speaks on being bisexual

The bosschick reveals!

She added that the thought has also never crossed her mind even once, and she likes to have her men.

“Issue ya mimi kuwa bisexual honestly speaking I appreciate women nikimuona mwanamke ni mzuri I will just tell her you are beautiful, or you have a nice ass or you have nice boobs and stuff like that lakini haimaanishi kuwa mimi I’m attracted to them. Sijawahi penda na si imagine hata yaani mimi napenda wanaume.” Huddah said.


“Most girls look up to me and I don’t think I have inspired anyone to post nude pictures. This issue most of the times comes from parents who have neglected their children, so they come to social media see what I have posted and try to do it. Most of the time mimi nikipiga picha kwenye bikini, I’m marketing that bikini or that hotel so I don’t do it because I want to, but because I’m paid to. If you have to expose your body make money out of it,” she said.


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