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I don’t charge men for Sex- Huddah Monroe

Just the other day Huddah penned down her regrets of ever engaging in sexual affairs

According to Huddah rich men are desperate to pay any amount of money just to sleep with her and add her to the list of the people they have smashed.

“The Rich ones who want to pay me just enough to add you/me on their Hit List” said Huddah snapchat

She added that if she was to charge people for sex, nobody could afford to pay her price.


“If I was to charge people None of you can afford sleeping with me. It’s plain and simple! That’s why I don’t put a price on my head! I just do me” added Huddah Monroe

Back in the days, rumours had it that Huddah Monroe used to charge all the men who wanted to sleep with her not less than 10,000 dollars.

This is not the first time Socialites are raising eyes brows when it comes to sex for money.


They say life is a journey of up and downs and sometimes we tend to make bad or good choices. For the good choices made in life we celebrate but for the bad ones, we regret.

At one time Miss Monroe expressed her regrets concerning her sex life that she wishes she could not have engaged in.

“Sometimes I wish I could unfuck some people I fucked before. Urgh!! I hate regretting. And then you want to unfuck them but they still call and check up on you like they don’t see how angry your soul is.  wrote Monroe on her Snapchat


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