They wanted to take photos of my Vagina and post online – Huddah on why she stopped going to Tanzania

She speaks!

They wanted to take photos of my Vagina and post online – Huddah on why she stopped going to Tanzania

Kenyan socialite and fashion entrepreneur Huddah Monroe has disclosed reasons why she stopped visiting Tanzania.

In a series of explosive posts, the Huddah Cosmetics boss said that the first reason she stopped visiting the country is because she was drugged by people she called friends and almost died.

She went on to say that the two friends wanted to take pictures of her Vagina and share all over social media just to disgrace her, adding that killing her was also part of the plan and say that she died from taking drugs.

Sooo…. One of the reasons I stopped going to TZ is because I went to a business meeting and I was Drugged in Tanzania a plan that was planned by 1 Kenyan and a TZ lady. Their aim was to take photos of my vagina and post all over social media to disgrace me. Kill me and claim I was on drugs. But God is bigger than any evil….” Read Huddah’s first post.

In two other posts, the socialite said that Tanzanians are not good people, because they are full of hate and don’t like other people.

Watz mnapenda sana kudhalilisha watu. Chuki, wivu, roho mbaya na husda. Hata picha hamwezi kumpiga picha mtu na camera za kistaa, then you claim eti si Mzuri. Ana rangi mbaya, amejichubua just coz you want to ruin someone’s image! May Allah come down and help yall na roho zenu chafu! Kwa ambao wananipenda God Bless. Wanaombea watu mabaya Mungu awarehemu!” she said.

Huddah Monroe then said that her third reason is because Tanzanians are the biggest drug dealers and not Nigerians as it is widely assumed.

She added that they pretend that they cannot speak English and act innocent but the truth is that they are not.

Biggest drug dealers and mules are Tanzanians. Not Nigerians. Sad that Nigerians are always on the receiving ends of crime. Go to Mombasa, South Africa and ask them who sells drugs there, it’s mostly Tanzanians, Go to China and ask who is in most of their jails or killed Lol! They hide behind the fact that they don’t speak English! And act holier than thou! Wanajidai watakatifu lakini ndani ni maVampire,” wrote Huddah Monroe.

This makes it the first time the socialite gives more information on a near death encounter she had, in the hands of people she called close friends.


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