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What pained me the most is Chris Kirubi issue-Huddah Monroe

God is my shield and my protector-Huddah

She deleted all photos of her on her Instagram only to leave three which are related to her business. The lass is now focused on business.

Huddah has opened up about what she feels regarding the evils people do and her stand on some current issues.

She pointed out the Chris Kirubi issue where a photo of him circulated and headlined tabloids painting his health situation really bad. People came up with rumors and myths concerning his physical well-being and circulated it online.


Concerning what was told about the city tycoon’s health, Huddah revealed that she was pained and she is ashamed to be a Kenyan. Part of her statement read:

“And what pained me the most is the Chris Kirubi issue. I am ashamed to be Kenyan. Nairobi is a sea full of sharks waiting on you to shake alittle. So they can finish you. Kick you when you are down. Mshindwe na Mlegee.”

The socialite did not stop there she further mentioned that people should not rejoice at the misfortunes of others adding that, “Make sure your future and your health is totally secured. Coz you never know every dog has its own day.”

The lassie affirmed that God is her shield and protector and no evil plotted against her will succeed because she is on a higher spiritual level further encouraging others to trust in God.


“But for me God is my shield and my protector. No man can curse me. No eveil can get to me. I am on a higher spiritual level. God will never forsake me. Obey him and trust in him you will later thank me later.”

Huddah’s transformation from exposing huge chunks of her skin to now quoting contents of the Bible within a short period of time is bewildering.

The business woman picked a Bible and Quaran line regarding the power of the tongue. She then cautioned those who wish her evil. She said if you her wish bad luck, adversity will befall you.


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