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Huddah’s unexpected response to the question ‘Utazaa lini?

Monroe speaks.

Huddah Monroe (Instagram)

Kenyan socialite Huddah Njoroge popularly known as Huddah Monroe had an unexpected response to the question ‘Utazaa lini’.While some people would get offended by the crassness of the question, Huddah had a tongue-in-cheek response.

“Utazaa lini lakini?” commented a fan and Huddah cheekily replied with “Njoo unipe mimba”

Huddah’s adopted child


What many people don’t know is that Huddah already has a child she is taking care of.

In an interview with she did with Times FM’s Lil Ommy while in Tanzania, Huddah said she adopted the child because her parents were not able to pay her school fees.

Huddah Monroe stated that she had met with the child several times and as they interacted, she realized that the child really wanted to go to school and that is when she took up the challenge of providing for the kid.


She, however, said the kid still stays with the biological mother.

“Nilimuadopt mtoto because most of the time I feel like watoto kwa hii dunia hakuna kitu wanajua so they are very fragile na nilikuwa naona wazazi wake huyu mtoto hawakuwa wanaweza kuafford kumpeleka shule so kila siku nilikuwa namuuliza huyu mtoto do you want to go to school na nilikuwa namuona yaani ni dream yake sana she really wanted to go to school. So nikamchukua tu bado ako na mamake lakini I still pay for the school and stuff like that. Napenda watoto sana na nina foundation yangu Huddah Foundation and half of the money I get from Huddah Cosmetics goes to the foundation to help children who are disabled,” Huddah said.


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