Trouble for Huddah Monroe after her reckless comments

"Don't mourn the death of NASA protesters, their bodies should be eaten by dogs" Huddah Monroe

Huddah took to her Snapchat to express her feelings about the ongoing Killings of the Nasa protesters saying no one should mourn those killed in the protests.

Her sentiments were no received well by a section of Kenyans who took to social media to school Ms Monroe.

“Personally, I think nobody should Moirn the death of anyone who dies at a demonstration the familes should not even bury them, they should let their bodies get eaten by dogs. Msiba wakujitakia haumbiwi Pole” posted Huddah Monroe.

Kenyans on Twitter roasted Ms Monroe with all sorts of names, asking her to respect other people.

“That post by is an insult to the history of this country. It's disrespect to Muthoni Nyanjiru, Wangari Maathai, Timothy Njoya” said one user

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