Huddah Monroe take shots at BBQ Live after snubbing her

The boss chick is mad with the organizers who did this to her......

According to the socialite, the organizers of BBQ Live were paid for Wizkid appearance at Club Mephis but decided to take the star to B- Club.

“All this bad press about BBQ Live on Twitter…Ni**as got paid for Wizkid appearance at Club Memphis but said they didn’t receive any payment, hence the reason why he couldn’t show up. BBQ Live are scammers."Lashed Miss Monroe

Huddah who was the host of Wizkid’s appearance at Club Mephis went on to state that the organizers have disappointed her people who were ready for the event.

“You have disappointed a lot of people. Guys had fun for sure because Wizkid is a great performer but people behind BBQ Live are sh*t,” said Huddah Monroe" added Monroe

The management at Club Mephis also confirmed that Wizkid was supposed to be there as agreed but he never showed up.

“We apologise to our clients for the unfortunate incident. Huddah made it to the club as promised but Wizkid didn’t for reasons only the event’s organisers can tell,” said the Memphis management.

Last week Huddah blamed a senior government official for stealing her idea of bringing together all Kenyan artist for peace concerts.

“I came up with the peace concert idea bringing all Kenyan artists, new talent together to perform. I shared with a high government official and they did not let me execute it! They have stolen three of my ideas while I watch.” said Miss Monroe


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