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Akothee narrates how she lost her unborn twins after defying doctors’ advice

Akothee lost her unborn twins after she collapsed at a train station in Geneva. She has narrated what happened on that fateful day… But she has herself to blame for what happened.


Akothee was pregnant with baby number six and seven some four months ago. But the unforeseen happened and she lost her twins after collapsing at a train station in Geneva late August 2016.

In an interview with Larry Madowo, the ‘Give It Me’ singer narrated what transpired the day that she collapsed.

Akothee says she defied doctors’ advice to rest and decided to take her 7-year-old-son, Ojwang, to Geneva to meet his girlfriend.

“I was prepared by the doctors that I had a bit of difficulties with my womb, imechokachoka.. I don’t know (laughs). I was supposed to have a bed rest for 3 months that’s why I was urged by the father to go to Switzerland because that’s where I could be calm. In Kenya I have many things, I was born a sufferer so I always suffer on the road morning to evening. I was told that when we click three months we are set, were are happy… But on the 14 week we didn’t make it. I had taken my son to go visit his girlfriend in Geneva. We ought to have gone by plane but they refused and said they wanted to do a train which is two and a half hours. So we went all the way there and had a beautiful Saturday and then on Sunday I was feeling a bit tired and cold, and I didn’t know what was happening. I was feeling numbed on my leg then I told my family things are not really good. So when we arrived at the train station in Geneva, I actually met some of my fans and I was feeling so bad, like throwing up, I was feeling hot, a lot of heat and my manager had just gone to confirm when our train was coming by. My fans thought that I didn’t want to take photos with them but I was feeling terrible, I felt like I was dying. I wanted help but they were just busy taking photos. So when my manager Nelly Oaks came, we boarded our train and I collapsed only to wake up in the morning in the hospital. I found myself in theatre and I was told they didn’t make it.”  Akothee narrated how she lost her unborn twins.


Watch the video below for the complete interview Akothee had with Larry Madowo:


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