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I have been going through a lot – ‘Mobimba’ singer explains break from music

You can never be truly happy until you go through something difficult and you come out shining.

Alicios Theluji with Frasha (Facebook)

‘Mobimba’ hit-maker Alicios Theluji recently released ‘Nitadata’ after a hiatus from music.

A break that she took as she was going through a lot and it interfered with her creativity. “I have been going through a lot and this affected how I create music. I couldn’t write songs and so it took me long to work on my latest song. I didn’t write Nitadata because I was not in the mental space to do so. My creativity was hampered, but the release of this song is a testament of how far I have come. This difficult period was also transformational for me. I never used to sing songs written by others, but I did it this time as I worked on getting back on my feet ,” she told People Daily.

Despite the hardship, she had to endure Alicios disclosed that she has really grown from it. “This experience has opened ways for me to learn, to love and know myself better. I have grown a lot. I’m already at a good place right now compared to where I was a few months back. I think you can never be truly happy until you go through something difficult and you come out shining



Alicios is the latest celebrity to open up about the rough patch they have gone through in private. In 2018, Kansoul rapper Mejja disclosed that he battled severe depression after his baby mama upped and left with their kid.

The musician revealed that his spouse left at the point when his hit with the Kansoul ‘Bablas’ was at its peak and he was set to sign a well-paying deal with a brewery company in Thika. He was also recovering after the removal of his appendix.


Mejja disclosed that when he went to sign the contract in Thika he got a text urging him to move on with his life. And at first, he thought it wasn’t meant for him but he later realised that something was amiss when she wouldn’t pick up his calls.

“I thought the text was meant for someone else and she had mistakenly sent it to me,” he said on the mid-morning show on Radio Jambo.


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