I have been most vulnerable the last few months – Maureen Waititu

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I have been most vulnerable the last few months – Maureen Waititu

TV host and influencer Maureen Waititu has disclosed that the past few months have been tense for her.

In a post seen by Pulse Live the mother of two said that during the time, she called on God to reveal her scars to the people she comes across, so that they can know that there is a God who can heal them, no matter the situation you are in.

In the last few months, I've been the most vulnerable. I asked God to show my scars, so that anyone who experiences me can know that there is a God who heals,” she wrote.

Ms Waititu’s words come a few months after she went public with her breakup with longtime boyfriend and father of her two sons Frankie Justgymit.


She later on revealed that she had gotten to a point where she had become suicidal and attempted to take her own life twice.

In an interview, Maureen Waititu said that were it not for God’s intervention, she would not be alive.

She narrated that one time, she decided to drive off to commit suicide, but it began raining heavily and she decided to go back home, where she sat in the parking lot and cried.

When it stopped raining, Ms Waititu who was now calm went into her house where she found her son waiting for her.

I’ll be honest, I almost took my life twice and each time it was like God was like what you think you are doing. There is a day he intervened I was just gonna drive off somewhere and it started raining and it poured and poured and I just drove back,” narrated Maureen Waititu.


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