I just want to be happy – Maureen Waititu speaks on dating again

She opens up!

I just want to be happy – Maureen Waititu speaks on dating again

YouTuber and TV host Maureen Waititu has opened up on dating again, stating that all she wants in life is to be happy.

In a candid conversation with Churchill show’s MC Jessy, Ms Waititu who was asked if she was ready to be with someone said she is trusting God to take her where he wants.

Unafeel uko ready kupata mtu?” asked MC Jessy.

She went on to say that it is no longer her journey and if it's God plans that she meets someone, then it is good with her.

The mother of two mentioned that she is human and has desires that need to be fulfilled, but she also knows what she wants for herself in future.

Ms Waititu added that if she ends up with someone, all she wants is to be happy and an amazing mother to her kids.

So it’s very simple. This is not my journey anymore. I’m literally trusting God to take me where he’s taking me. My work is to trust and obey and follow. If he has a plan for me to meet somebody who will… and trust me I have desires as a human being and I know what I want exactly in future, maybe I don’t even know because my mindset keeps changing”

“Here He is taking me it’s okay. If I end up with someone, if I don’t, I just want to be happy. I want to be so happy, full of abundance and I want to be an amazing mother,” said Maureen Waititu.

Her words come a few months after she parted ways with the father of her kids, fitness coach Frankie Justgymit.


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