Khaligraph Jones brother Lamaz Span surprises K24’s news anchor with Sh200k on live TV

Flexing financial muscle on Live TV

Khaligraph Jones brother Lamaz Span surprises K24’s news anchor with Sh200k on live TV

Rapper Lamaz Span K.O.B is out here flexing his financial muscle after being challenged by K24 News anchor Isabella Kituri to prove his words of making Sh100K on a bad day.

Appearing on K24, Lamaz Span disclosed that he makes Sh100K on a bad day, prompting the interviewer to challenge him to produce the cash on him, as a way of proving his words.

To Ms Kituri’s surprise, the Fresh hit-maker produced Sh300k and handed Sh200K to her with instructions that she will return the cash when the interview in over. He only allowed the presenter to take Sh1000 from the two bundles of cash that had been tied together with a rubber band.

Flexing financial muscle on Live TV

“Karibu sana, Toa wallet, umesema laki moja kwa siku? Toa wallet,” posed Isabella Kituri

Lema Span responded saying, “Unataka nitoe ya ukweli? “Unajua P.A wangu ako pale na ako nazo? Naweza toa!”

He then went ahead to order his P.A to hand him his wallet where he unleashed over Sh300K and handed over Sh200K to Ms Kituri.

“This is Sh100K on a bad day and this another Sh100K on a good day, hii ni ya jana nah ii ni ya leo and hii ni ya kesho. Niwekee lakini show ikiisha utoe Sh1K uletee hizo zingine. Wewe utatoa thao ya Valentine hizo zingine urudishe,” added Lema Span.

I also sale cars

Taking about how he makes his money, the rapper made it clear the he is a real hustler and he knows how to look for money.

“OG ni OG, King of Kukafunga, grind master na pesa najua kuitafuta na mimi siokoti. Being the elder bro, I had to quit music, to hustle so that I could provide for the family. hakuna hustle sikujaribu yani but now I sell cars for a living, that’s my main hustle, K.O.B means King of Boost because I boost Masubaru, so King Of Boost ni brand yangu ya Magari, so if I’m not doing music niko tu mahali nauza gari ama na race,” said KOB.


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