I paid strangers to Photoshop my Photos-Fashionista Joy Kendi

Ms Kendi opens up

I paid strangers to Photoshop my Photos-Fashionista Joy Kendi

It’s hard to talk about stylish Kenyans without mentioning fashion, beauty and lifestyle content creator Joy Kendi. From her diverse style to flawless make-up, Joy Kendi is always on top of her game.

In one of her YouTube videos, the fashionista disclosed that she went on a mission paying strangers to photoshop her pictures just for fun and get the perspective of her photos in the hands of an editor.

In a 10 minutes video, Ms Kendi mentioned that she reached out to 4 different Photo-editors who were in her DM, requesting to work on her photos, spending at least Sh3500 on the whole project.

According to the beauty and lifestyle blogger, the 4 strangers who photoshopped her pictures, focused on making her waist tiny and prompting her to consider hitting the gym.

“I paid 4 stranger to photoshop my photos. Why you ask.... why not.... lol. I spent a total of 3500ksh for the photos ranging between 500ksh - 1000ksh per photo. This was all for fun, not here to make fun of anyone’s photoshop skills,” reads the description on the video.

Many of the comments left under the video, argued that fashionista looks better in her natural photos than the photoshopped ones.

Watching the video, Ms Kendi’s priceless reaction on the transformation made on her pictures is just out of this world.

Comments from fans

Kendi H5 ”What's the obsession with the small waist???Men...WE EAT!!! Lol”

Unapologetic !Joy, you’re hot without the edit. You don’t need it. I’m mad one of the editors messed with your beautiful ears. Lol. Thank God for you tubers like InformedOverload who expose some of the influencers that go overboard with the editing”

Yatina KatungaBeen trying to master the short hair, I guess next time my barbers going shorter. It's interesting how we are obsessed with having a body that looks a stereotypical way, THANK YOU for NOT editing your body unrealistically or to fit in to these standards. Representation matters!”

The Juliette Method “Honestly I don't understand! Like why edit perfection?! WHY?!! You are a fabulous queen just as is, sincerely!!! If I looked like you, haki watu hawangepumua 😜”

Diana Daphne “The raw were really cute, I mean you have an amazing body and photography spot on!!!💕💕💕 the edits also look good 😊”

Wangari Mwangi “Hahaha the part you start talking about your ears and arms...........the teary voice haha. You win!!! Raw pics all the way”

Catherine Wambui “Whyyy joy? Nikiii ma!! 🙄Y u gotta show us this after our c sections seamstress marks and belly stretch marks😜😁😁”

Velmah Lidiema “I didn't like any of the editors work. I think I speak for most of us when I say this....your authenticity is what we love about your content. Don't ruin it”


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