I thought my boy Muraya Jnr would never make it out of the ICU- Size 8

Never Give up on God- Size 8

The Murayas

Singer Linet Munyali aka Size 8 has shared the struggles she went through with the pregnancy of her son Muraya Jnr who is now 7 months old.

An emotional Size 8 said that Muraya Jnr is a miracle in her family and a constant reminder not to give up on God no matter the circumstance.

Mrs. Muraya made statement while showing off Muraya Jnr’s bedroom that had been transformed into an awesome space by a team from Little cribs.

Never Give up on God

“Aki huyu mtoto ako blessed. Hii room inakaa amazing. Mimi bado siamini. His Journey was not easy, we almost lost him. I almost died so many times, my pressures were high and nikiingia hii room sai am just seeing how God is faithful… this is my best place in the house, hako katoto kamepitia sana... Naflash back akiwa ICU and then amaadaktari wamemzunguka and that was 3am in the morning and when I see this its wow!

Its been a journey I thought my boy @muraya.jnr would never make it out of the ICU @rfh_healthcare surrounded by doctors. I almost gave up on God now see God look how beauty His room is. NEVER GIVE UP ON GOD!!!! @littlecribs thank you😭😭😭😭 watch full video NOW on the Murayas YouTube channel link on my bio..........cc @djmokenyashared Size 8.

In November 2019, the Murayas disclosed that their baby was delivered at week 34, following an emergency C-section. They captured the whole journey through a 12 minutes’ video that was later uploaded on YouTube.

“At around 3 o’clock, the fetus heart rate went high again, past 170. There was an emergence in the room making sure the heartbeat goes back to normal. The next day Dr. Thuo came with his wife and they were trying to buy more time, because the scan we had was saying it was 34 weeks 4 days. So when they tested the heart rate ya mtoi was so high and they couldn’t buy more time. So they decided that we have to go to the theater because I was already at RFH so they decided I get ready for a C-section,” added Size 8.

After the caesarian-section the baby was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where he was kept for a few weeks before being allowed to go home.


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