I cried, begged Gloria Muliro to come home - Pastor Eric Omba opens up on their failed marriage

It took me two years to Move on- Omba

Pastor Eric Omba with ex-wife Gloria Muliro

Music Producer and Pastor Eric Omba has for the first time opened up about his failed marriage with Gospel singer Gloria Muliro, stating that it took him 2 years to move on.

In an interview with Switch TV, Omba disclosed that moving on was the hardest thing for him to do because he doesn’t believe in divorce.

It took me two year to move on

“It took me two years, but before reaching on that decision it was a fight. Before I decided to move on it was a fight.

I followed her for almost a year and half, I went up to her parents, sisters even her friends trying to repair the relationship. I tried everything, I traveled from Nairobi to Ushago with other Bishops. We started at intercontinental hotel talking on how we can come back together. But she was saying no, my time is over, I can’t go back again, she wanted a divorce but I never wanted it. Nilikataa Kabisa because I don’t believe in Divorce. They even sent me letters from her Lawyer saying I was harassing this lady and if you continue nitapelekwa mbele. They even said if I see her even in 10 meters I have to back off, and I still have that letter. I can’t sit with her in one building because its 10 meters. She blocked all the channels to communicate with her,” Pastor Omba explained.

I cried like a Baby

Omba further said that he has now moved on, married and blessed with two kids.

“Ni mrembo sana na anajua kuongea…two kids I have a girl of three years and a another baby girl of 7 months. I have to move on. Tulikaa kikao ya Kwanza ikashindikana. Second time ikashindikana, na nilikuwa nalia kama mtoto, kama nilikukosea unirudie, mpaka nilikuwa naomba msamaha dhambi yenye nilikuwa sijui nilifanya, because I just wanted to win somebody back. You are asking for forgiveness of something you did not even do,” said Pastor Omba.

The two got married in a colorful wedding ceremony in 2009 but reports indicate that Omba’s love for money and infidelity put them asunder in 2015.


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