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I want to be a billionaire - Zari speaks on music comeback

Zari alikuwa anatesa sana kwa muziki.

Miss Hassan (Instagram)

Before Zari Hassan was a successful business lady, betrothed to Diamond and one of the most sought after celebrities in East Africa, she was a singer.

And she was serious about her music as she had a number of hits that include; Hotter than Them, Toloba, Nkaaba and Jukila.

Zari Hassan recently spoke about making a comeback to music and she made it clear that she would rather pursue business as it has proven to be more lucrative than music.


“No,” she said when asked on whether she is making a comeback to music.

“I am focusing on making a whole lot of money and becoming a billionaire. Music takes a lot of time before you can actually earn from it especially here in Africa. In America, it’s easy to become a millionaire overnight if you have a record. Here is too difficult, so it’s better to do business plus I have children and one needs to go on tours, no I cannot,” she told Millard Ayo TV.

The interviewer also sought to find out if Zari has been approached to appear as a video vixen/lead in a music video or in a movie. This is because Zari had a brief stint as a video vixen in Diamond Platnumz’s, ‘Iyena’ and ‘Utanipenda’ videos.

Zari revealed that she is too big of a brand and few people can afford to pay her as a video vixen. “I think the person needs to pay me so much to appear on their song,” she said.


As for movies, Zari revealed that Nollywood has come calling a few times but she couldn’t take the offers as shooting a movie is so time-consuming and so she has to uproot her family from South Africa to Nigeria. Plus the money offered to her did not justify her sacrificing work and family for music.

“I have had a few offers from Nigeria, but I have declined some of the offers because the money was too little for me to leave my work and family to go for that,” Zari said.


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