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I was done with life and contemplating suicide - Ray C

Ray C was at her lowest point.

Ray C

The singer was introduced to drugs at the peak of her career and struggled with suicide ideation due to her new habit that she was unable to shake off. This was until the former president of Tanzania intervened after the singer’s mother appealed to the former head of state.

“I was at a point where I was done with life and contemplating suicide but I could hear a voice say ‘I am not done with you. I will bring along people to help you and lift you up. People you cannot imagine.’ Sure enough, I did get those calls from people urging me on. Telling me not to quit; my mum, Kikwete. Can you imagine the president of the country offering to help you? It was God telling me I am important, that this is not you and that you have to get better. So I felt if people of that calibre can think of me and want to help me, who am I not to want to help myself? Today, I look back and see all I have done and gone through and I am still here. God is not done with me. I have so much to give to my family, my fans who support me and healed with me. They are real and they are like my family” she told Couture Africa.


Drug Addiction

The ‘Sogea’ songbird was introduced to drugs by a man she was dating, Tanzanian rapper named Lord Eyes who gave her Marijuana that was laced with hard drugs.

“I was not aware that he used any hard drugs, I was only aware of light drugs during our one year of dating,” she told Vibeweekly in a past interview.


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