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I will never marry - Eric Njoka says as he addresses gay rumours

I am a proud bachelor - The K24 news anchor said.

Eric Njoka

When you type the name ‘Eric Njoka’ in to the Google search tab, the first suggestion you get is ‘Eric Njoka’s wife’ meaning its a topic a lot of Kenyans are interested in.

Even on social media, some people have been asking when he will get married. However, Eric recently dashed the hopes of thousands of girls by saying that he will be a bachelor forever.

“To all the people who have been asking, yes I am a bachelor and I am a proud bachelor. And I would love and I would like and I am planning to stick to the bachelor side for the rest of my life,” he said during an interview with Sarah Ibrahim.


The interviewer found his decision to remain a bachelor forever strange and so she asked, “Why? That is so weird.”

Eric then replied with “No it’s not weird, it’s who you are.”

“It’s a bit off, there have been rumours…” Sarah said.

“…Rumours that I am gay and yes I will talk about it. In 2016 some guy just decided to get some money from this n*gga who looks like he is so moneyed, from this anchor who is so flamboyant. So what does he do? He collaborates with a friend and colleague in one of the universities here. Forms a profile and gets all my pictures and gets a picture of the penis or something, shares with friends and then calls me and promised to leak the information (if I don’t pay)… I said whatever, do what you gotta do. I thought he was playing with me. It’s a person I have never met or interacted with, he sounded really old, sounded so Somali (I am sorry) and he was so confident about it. He said that if I didn’t give him Sh60,000 he would expose me,” Eric said when commenting on the source of the homosexuality rumours.



He then went on to say that this stranger got an audio of him talking to his girlfriend then leaked it to the blogs. “He took a recording that I had with a girlfriend I was fighting with, she was also involved. People it was blackmail! Someone wanted to blackmail me. They really wanted to get cash off me and I refused. If I am gay if I am not, its none of your concern. My concern and my biggest worry is that we let him in and we took his side of the story. I never spoke about it because there was nothing to speak about. I never told anybody about this because there was nothing to tell. I never shied away from it because there was nothing to be afraid of because at the end of the day that was not me. And my career was never to be destroyed by that weak bastard who thought that one Eric Njoka will fall. He has not fallen,” Eric said.


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